FTB Infinity

CoF4ever posted Nov 9, 15

FTB Infinity has recently been added to our network.

for details go to servers -> Infinity

<3 Staff and Council

Revolution straw poll

skylarkblue1 staff posted Nov 6, 15

The Revolution server has been low on players recently and we want to know if you, the players, want the server to keep running! Vote on there on what you would like us to do.

Voting will close on 14th November.

Important notice!

CoF4ever posted Nov 3, 15

We are introducing something new to this network which we have been discussing for a while now.

Please go here: , read that and then please leave a comment.


Council & Staff

Network up!

skylarkblue1 staff posted Oct 10, 15

The network is back up! Thank you for being patient with us!

Vanilla is also going to be revamped soon, map reset and plugins added/removed.

If you have any suggestions, bugs, or questions feel free to hop onto our teamspeak, in-game or post a thread on the correct forums!

Cya all in game soon <3

backntime Suggestion: No map reset

Host down and direct ip's

skylarkblue1 staff posted Oct 9, 15

Our host is down for the time being and we are not sure on when it will be back up.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

On another note, we have direct ip's set up!





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